Good web design principles.

My aim is to help you use  good web design principles when you create a website for your business or organisation. Most businesses need a website but many people do not know how to set one up. This site is a tool for guiding you through the principles of setting up an attractive and effective website for your business or organisation. Some of the tips are listed below:
Good Web Design Principles Mindmap


About Me

MeI discovered a passion for web design when I was asked to create a web site for a support group in the year 2000. Web design and development appeals to both my love of maths and my desire to be a bit creative. I am passionate about creating good user experience for everyone, especially people with disabilities.

You will see spiders throughout the web site doing various activities. A lot of my greatest inspiration comes when I am in the smaller room of the house and it was while I was visiting an outside “dunny” that I came up with the name “Redback Web Design”. It wasn’t very original and since I started my business I have had to change it to “Redback Web Design and Development”. Spiders create webs, and Mind Maps look like spiders. There is a mindmap on most pages that will give you a quick overview of the topic.

I focus on creating web sites for support groups, community and charity organisations and small businesses which may not normally be able to afford a web site. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Diploma in Information Technology (Web Development) and Masters Degree in Information Technology is a work in progress,  3/4 way to completion. I am also a licensed instructor in Mind Mapping.