Portfolio of my Work

Here are some examples of my work.

Community of Saints Barnabas and Cecilia

Community of Saints Barnabas and Cecilia web site

The Community of Saints Barnabas and Cecilia is a religious community at Nabus house in Gladstone, South Australia. This web site displays the works of Sr Sandra Sears, and others,including music, poetry and liturgical resources. Visit web site

Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery

A mockup of Port Pirie Art Gallery web site in different devices

Situated in the Port Pirie Tourism and Arts Precinct Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery holds a number of exhibitions each year. Visit web site

Paul Dielemans Photography

Paul Dielemans Photography

This site displays Paul Dielemans beautiful Architectural photography. Visit web site


Snap Journal


Snap Journal Web Site
Providing an opportunity with people with disabilities to share literary works. Visit web site

North Metropolitan Psychological Services

North Metropolitan Psychological Services Web Site
Based in a northern suburb of Perth, Western Australia North Metropolitan Psychological Services have a team of well qualified professionals to provide psychological services. Visit web site


Dyslexia Unlocked


Dyslexia Unlocked web site
Providing a program for people of all ages with Dyslexia. The program is based on Davis Dyslexia Correction method focusing on the gift of Dyslexia. This service is in Gladstone, South Australia. Visit web site

Curran Risk Management

Curran Risk Management web site
A consultancy firm based in Adelaide,providing practical solutions in risk management to small, medium and large organisations. Visit web site

Rocky River ‘Riters


Rocky River Riters web site
Rocky River ‘Riters meet twice a month on the second Friday at 9:30am in Gladstone and the fourth Wednesday at 6:30pm in Crystal Brook. Anyone interested in creative writing is welcome to join. Visit web site

Crystal Brook Caravan Park

Crystal Brook Caravan Park web site
A community run caravan park situated next to the Crystal Brook in South Australia. Visit web site

Camp Willochra

Camp Willochra web site
Nestled at the base of Mt Remarkable, 5 Km from Melrose. Camp Willochra is an ideal location for camps and retreats. Visit web site

The Willochra Home

The Willochra Home web site
Residential Aged Care Facility in Crystal Brook, South Australia. Visit web site

Crystal Brook Show

The Crystal Brook Show web site
The Crystal Brook Agricultural Show is held on the second Saturday of August. Visit web site

Mining and Sustainability

Mining for the future. The mining industry has embraced the concept of sustainability and the so-called triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Visit web site

Gourmet Camp-Oven Catering

Gourmet Camp Oven Catering web site
The specially designed and manufactured Mobile Gourmet Camp Oven Kitchen is able to cater for almost any style of food and service that you require in most venues and especially at outdoor functions. Visit web site

On the Shelf

On the Shelf Web Site
Do you want to declutter your life or do you have some sorting to do? Contact Kristina Mudge. Check out her packages.Visit web site