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Every business needs a website

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Your website is the basis
of your social media campaign

Designing and Developing Websites Since 2000

I would like to help you create a website for your business using  good web design principles. Your site should be:

  • attractive,
  • search engine friendly,
  • responsive,
  • user friendly and
  • accessible to everyone.

Does your business need a website?

Does your website need updating?

Principles of good web design mind map



A mockup of a website in different sizes.A responsive website is one that looks acceptable and functions correctly on any browser, screen size and device used to access the web. Responsive Web Design


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Having an attractive web site will encourage visitors to stay on your site longer and increase the chance of engagement.
Attractive Web Sites



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Right from the beginning consider making your site accessible to people with disabilities. Accessible web sites are also accessible to search spiders. Website Accessibility

About Me

A picture of Gillian TylerI discovered a passion for web design when asked to create a web site for a support group in the year 2000. Web design and development appeals to both my love of maths and my desire to be a bit creative. I am passionate about creating a good user  experience, especially for  people with disabilities.

A lot of my greatest inspiration comes when I am in the smallest room of the house. It was while using an outside “dunny” that I came up with the name “Redback Web Design”. It wasn’t very original. Since I started my business I have had to change it to “Redback Web Design and Development”. Spiders create webs, and Mind Maps look like spiders. There is a mindmap on most pages that will give you a quick overview of the topic.

I focus on creating web sites for support groups, community and charity organisations, and small businesses which may not normally be able to afford a web site. My qualifications are Bachelor of Applied Science and a Diploma in Information Technology (Web Development). I am also a licensed instructor in Mind Mapping.

I live halfway between Port Pirie and Clare in the Mid North of South Australia and I will come to you, if your business is in my area. Contact me if you have any questions about web design.

Last updated 12 February 2018