7 Reasons Why Your Web Designers Don’t do What you ask Them to do

Sometimes you may ask your web designer to do something and she doesn’t do it. You may feel frustrated but there could be good (or not so good) reasons why this happens:
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  1. Surf is up and she has gone surfing.
  2. You requested something that was not included in the scope of works. This would require renegotiation of scope and increase in the agreed price.
  3. You are requesting something that would take a lot of time and money to accomplish and you may not be able to afford it or you may be working to a deadline.
  4. Your Web Designer does not know how to do what you are asking for. Web designers don’t know everything.
  5. You are asking for something that would annoy your visitors. You may think that a pop-up box appearing within seconds of  them landing on the page, asking them to sign up for your newsletter is a good idea, but chances are the visitor will close the box and move on to another site.
  6. You are asking for something that would make your site difficult to use for people with a disability. A good web designer will make your site accessible for everyone.
  7. You are asking for something that would make your site look amateurish. Unless you have a degree in design, trust the web designer when she tells you that something will not look good. Chances are she has some qualifications and experience in design. If not, get another web designer.

When your Web Designer says “No” or just does not do what you want, ask them why. They may have very good reasons for not including your brilliant idea or they may just be too busy or lazy. The latest fads are not necessarily the best ideas and often they will go out of fashion and your site will be dated (read about one-page parallax scrolling). If you are really frustrated with your Web Designer it may be time to say goodbye and find another one more in tune with your ideas. Develop a good rapport with your Web Designer. Your web site should be a reflection of yourself or your business.

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