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PLES BILONG BILAK BOKISMadang Town Madang is “ples bilong bilak bokis” or the home of the flying fox. Thousands of Spectacled Flying Foxes adorn the yar trees throughout the town fanning themselves with a slow beating of wings during the heat ofthe day and making a screeching din. At dusk the screeching reaches a crescendoand they blacken the sky as they head off for their nightly fruit foraging.I recently read that flying foxes began migrating into town in the late 1970’sas a result of logging pressure but this is not quite true. It is true that they are now rare in the

With just a very small knowledge of HTML and CSS you can now use beautiful fonts on your site without resorting to images. Go to Google Fonts web site and choose the font you would like to use out the list of "Grumpy wizards". You can add a font to your collection, see a list of all styles (some fonts), get information about the font in a pop-up or click on the "quick-use" button to get the code you need to add the font to your site. You will come to the page pictured below by either clicking on the

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