Frequently Asked Questions on Web Design

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How much does a website cost?

Of course that depends on how big the site is and how fancy it is. The cost of designing a website for a small business is usually under $1000. Other costs include hosting the site and a domain name.

How long does it take to make a website?

That also depends on how large the site is. For a small business a site would only take a couple of weeks at the most. If you need a big category section with lots of photos, it may take longer.

Do you do Search Engine Optimisation?

Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) starts with page structure. I am an experienced web designer and will set up your site using good SEO principles. Please read my page on Search Engine Optimisation for more information.

Do you offer hosting?

No but I can recommend a good hosting service. I do not offer hosting because a large hosing service will give you a better experience that I can give.

Will the site be responsive (work on big screens and mobile devices)?

Yes. All the sites I create are responsive. For more information go to Responsive Web Design

Can you provide content for my site?

Yes although it may be better if you write your own content as you are the expert. For more information read the Website Content page

Where can I get pictures for my site?

You can take your own pictures or I can provide stock pictures for your site.

After the site is finished can I change the content of the site myself?

Yes. I use a Content Management System for creating the site. I usually use WordPress but I can use Joomla if you prefer. After your site is launched I can train you on how to make changes to the site and add your own pages and posts. This process is as easy as using a word processor such as MS Word or Pages.
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