I Have a Facebook Business Page, Do I Need a Website

The simple answer to this question is yes but if you want to know why read on.
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First of all, not everybody has access to Facebook. Some Information Technology departments block their employees from using Facebook. I once volunteered at an Information and Tourist Centre and Facebook was blocked on the computer we used. Sometimes we were asked questions about a particular business and we could not access information about that business because they only had a Facebook page.

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Facebook is not very accessible for people who are blind or have a visual impairment. There was a discussion about a stainless steel straw on an email group for blind people. One member told the group that he had bought a straw that he could take with him, and he would no longer have to use disposable straws. Others asked him where he had got it from but when he looked up the business, it only had a Facebook page. Most of the group did not use Facebook. Another member found a business with a website and she was able to purchase the straw online and tell the group about it.

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You have little control over how information is displayed on your Facebook page. You can choose your own banner and profile picture and fill out your details in the About and Services sections. You can also pin a post to the top of your page. Other than that your page will look like every other facebook page. When you post something on your facebook page it will appear in only a percentage of your fans’ home page. This percentage varies on how popular your post is and how many fans you have.¬†When you post a new item the previous posts sink down to oblivion. Facebook gives you the option of boosting a post to reach more people but that will cost you money.

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Your own business website will list higher in search results and more people are likely to find you on the internet if you have a website. You cannot optimise your Facebook page for search engines.

Having a Facebook page for your business is good for building relations with your clients but it isn’t a substitute for a website.

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