Approaching the final stages before my site goes ‘live’, I find myself thanking my lucky stars that I found Gill Tyler and her business, Redback Web Design and Development.
As a small business owner myself, and just starting out, I didn’t think I could afford to pay the megabucks usually required to have my own site. Yet in today’s market it seems an online presence is crucial. Enter Gill Tyler – courtesy of a recommendation from a previous, very happy customer. Gill enabled me to see that this was indeed within my reach, and made it possible. I can never thank her enough for that.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole design process and working with Gill, who is not only friendly and very easy to get along with, but also a highly skilled and innovative professional; she picked up the aim/purpose of my site and its audience, tailoring the site to appeal to those people, while also knitting neatly with my business methods and philosophy. She has listened with great good humour to my ideas, run with them and also come up with some creative and original options to augment and improve, tailoring them to my business approach/methods and clients superbly.

Her understanding of catering for people with different learning styles and abilities – indeed, her background and experience in designing disability friendly and accessible sites – has been a huge advantage. But I know from our time working together on my site, and also from a couple of others she has built, that Gill is able to apply her significant skills and talents to any particular field, industry or business. She has a tremendous heart for helping people and one of her great strengths is the apparent ease with which she works alongside clients.

One of the keys to the success and enjoyment of working with Gill, has been that unlike other web designers I had approached, she does not come with her own agenda, but from the beginning, sought to find mine and make it come to life on the screen. But it is her rare combination of skills, with a remarkable personal and business/professional approach that in my experience, makes her unique in her field.

With Redback Web Design, gone are the bad old days of paying extra to have a site mobile device ready. Thankfully, that is all standard. And to top it all, using WordPress for the website design, means I can manage the site myself.


Redback Web Design was recommended to me when I was delegated to prepare a Community website which had been plagued with years of long delays and a mutual lack of understanding of the Community aspirations and goals. I found an immediate rapport with my consultant and the advice, guidance and assistance provided to me enabled completion of the assignment (with which I had no prior experience) and launch in a matter of a few weeks. The support I received is ongoing, timely and perceptive. I have no hesitation in recommending Redback Web Design to anyone wishing to learn more about what can be a complex task.

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